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Syndikat Bar, 2-12-'11, 19:30 - Let's have a drink (São Paulo)

Hi Everybody,

In addition to internations, I'm also a member of

Tomorrow the meetupgroup "Friday Pub Connoisseurs" is coming together AGAIN !!
The group is really starting to grow ! And the fun thing is that often people take friends with that aren't members of yet ! So Keep this up...take your friends along !!

I have received many options for bars and venues...So thanks for the suggestions !

The choice of a new bar has been made due to the enthusiasm somebody (actually two persons) has been telling me about !

It's called Syndikat ( Protected content ).

They are specialized in invigorating Blues & Jazz music !!

Additionally it is located in the very fun area of Jardins (Metro Conselacao) ! With many other bars !

So, why don't you and your friends join up !! Take your friends with you !

See you tomorrow from 19:30 onwards. My nr. is Protected content

Take care !


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