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Thanks Internations, No Thanks FB Groups (São Paulo)


A week ago I joined 3 different Facebook groups for "gringos/expats/foreigners in Brazil" just to see what these people talk about and if I was missing anything. After reading their daily content for a week it's clear that these groups cater to self-centered, zenophobic, and ignorant Australians and Americans mostly. In gereral, the groups like to complain about Brazil daily, to make offensive generalizations about the culture, focus on what Brasilian governments and also everyday people do wrong, and talk about "how it's better back home". I don't know why these people don't go back to where they are from given they were so happy there - no one should suffer. Maybe they are stuck here for some reason. As an experiment, I made one positive comment about Brasil on one of the FB Groups this morning and got trolled out with abusive comments from 3 guys within 30 minutes. It doesn't make any sense to me. BUT what does make more sense now is why so many Brasilians are so tired of the behavior and attitude of gringos. Why we're too much effort than we're worth. We are a pain in the butt sometimes.

The experience of the last week has made me really grateful for *Internations* for keeping the focus on positive topics, on great things to do, on how to fit in and how to have fun in different cities of the world, on how to help each other.

While I've never actually done any of the events on here, maybe I'll start now, I dont know.

But I'm really grateful this place exists.

If there are any positive/good Facebook Groups on being an expat/gringo in Brasil, would love to hear about it?

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