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We really need some help finding somewhere to live (São Paulo)

Dear fellow expats,

We seem to be finding it really challenging finding a room to rent here in SP. We're just looking for a double room (we're a couple) not a whole apartment.

We are just two English language teachers, who also teach yoga and all related things and who need to travel to lots of different parts of the city for our work and so spend a lot of time commuting. That's why location is really important to us. Location, but minus exorbitant rental prices. This is our challenge.

Our ideal scenario would be to live close to the Esmeralda train line or a yellow metro line, say around Pinheiros or Faria Lima?

Yet, we haven't found anywhere. How can we go about finding somewhere, minus the Brazilian bureaucracy side of it?

Thank you so much for your help. At the moment, we are being supported accommodation-wise through the kindness of friends and strangers, via couchsurfing.

Be well,
Harmony & Michael

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