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Why Sao Paulo? (São Paulo)

Why do you live in Sao Paulo? Work, family, art, nightlife, networking an intuitive connection to Sao Paulo? If you could live anywhere else in Brasil, where would it be and why? I'm assuming most people who live here do so for work and or family.

As for me, I lived in Rio de Janeiro for several years and in Recife for about two. I moved to Sao Paulo in early Protected content Rio for work. Sao Paulo is a great city with endless amounts of possibilities. I've seen and learned so much here.

Of course I wouldn't mind living in a different part of Brasil (maybe the South or at least somewhere near the coast) for a period of time for something new. I miss the beach and clean air. Haha!

Anyone else ever think about this? Nothing of great importance just a curious thought.

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