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Dear all,
Are you interested in the game of tennis? If you would like to use your free time to exercise, get in shape, improve your game, compete in specifically tailored tournaments newly started enterprise in Sarajevo offers excellent tennis program with
absolute fast learning success rate.

Individual lessons/One on one with tennis coach

The private lesson is a much more individualized instructional format. This allows the instructor to convey relevant information specifically to your individual way of learning and ability level. Typically private lessons last for 60 minutes however individual lesson can be booked for one hour or more.
Individual lessons are ideal if you need improvement in a specific aspect of your game or if you are absolute beginner. Through our individual lessons we cover proper tennis technique, etiquette, rules, scoring, strategy, and footwork. These lessons are ideal if you need to improve your existing skills or become well rounded in your overall game/35 km an hour

Group lessons/Tennis practice with 2 to 4 participants total, overseen by our tennis coach
The group lesson is a much more general instruction format to facilitate the groups needs. Group lessons are typically broken down by age and/or ability level. They are less expensive and allow players to meet new people, play lots of games, and get exercise.
/175 km for three times a week* /150 km 2 times a week*/135 once a week*
*This is the monthly price per person

Beginner (NTPR 2.5)
If you have never picked up a tennis racquet before this is where you belong. This beginner class is designed to start your game off on the right foot. No matter if your goal is to eventually play competitively or to just give it a try we can get you the knowledge you’ll need to get started. You learn all basic tennis skills necessary to get you up and going. In this class you will hit a lot of balls and work on muscle memory.

Intermediate (NTPR 3.0-4.0)
If you’re just picking the game up again or are looking to advance yourself beyond the beginner level then this is the place for you. This class is designed to fine tune your strokes and advance you tennis knowledge. Students will do tennis specific drills for half the time and then play live ball games for the remaining half.
Advanced (NTPR 4.0-5.0)
This advanced class is designed for the best of the best. If you need to be pushed to the ultimate level then this is the place for you. Challenge one of our coaches and get a sparring partner few times a week.

Our coaches:
Jasmina Bogucanin played on a professional circuit for 6 years, including national league in Serbia and Sweden. Jasmina played college tennis at University of Pacific in Stockton, CA, NCAA Div1 school, and Hope International University, Fullerton, CA. She has 8 years experience of coaching adult and youth tennis in Europe and United States. She was ranked top 3 in Yugoslavia under age 10,12,14,16 . Top 20 on ETA/Europe under 14.She won the Swedish national championship in Protected content , and was ranked top 5 in Sweden for 3 consequitive years. She is able to teach in English, Swedish and Serbo-Croatian.

Azra Bogucanin
During her collegiate career in the US she played # 1 position for Royals ladies tennis team at Hope International University, private Christian University in Southern California, GSAC Athletic Conference. She played in European and Serbian tournaments, her top ranking in juniors and seniors being # 14 in Serbia and #10 in Belgrade. She has all together 6 years’ experience in coaching adult and youth tennis in Europe.

References: AS Tennis Club , Serbia, Belgrade (base club for all the big pro Serbian tennis names Novak Djokovic ,Ana Ivanovic)
Protected content Tennis Club, Helsingborg Sweden
Protected content , Goteborg ,Sweden
Protected content Hills Racquet Club, Fullerton, California private lessons and clinic
Protected content Tennis Club Prednost,Sarajevo

For 4-year-old and older children and youth we offer group and indivudual tennis lessons at the same price. 3 times a week Protected content per kid,2 times a week Protected content .
Kids are matched either by age,knowledge,schools time table.


*Lessons are offerend in english and local language.

For more information,sceduling, kids school , avaiablity and times of new groups being formed please use contact bellow:
email: Protected content or by phone at Protected content .
Protected content

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