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best location for family with teenagers (Seattle)



We are relocating to Seattle (arriving next week). My husband will be working at Amazon (South Lake Union), and I will be looking for work (so, not sure where I'll end up working). We have two sons, ages 16 and 13. Our older son is very involved with a local US First Robotics team, and we need to find a high school that offers that program (easy enough to find, there's a list at, Our younger son will be in Middle School.

We had thought to look at Wallingford or Ballard, choosing the location so our younger son could attend Hamilton and our older son could go to Roosevelt or Ballard High schools. But the realtor we spoke with yesterday suggested we should avoid Seattle schools completely and look at Bellevue or Mercer Island.

We're looking for advice - we will choose our housing based on the schools, not the other way around! But my husband really doesn't want a long commute (and doesn't want to drive to work).

Thanks (this is my first post, sorry if it is in the wrong category)

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