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Immigration Law Office in Seattle

Ms. Bonnie Stern Wasser is an attorney with more than 25 years of immigration and nationality law experience - uniting families and bringing employers and needed global talent together. Ms. Wasser is in a private practice in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

If you are:
- an employer looking for options to hire top foreign talent;
- a foreign investor, manager or executive seeking to do business in the US;
- a company interested in learning more about or required to use E-Verify;
- looking to sponsor a family member into the US;
- a foreign professional, entertainer, artist or athlete who is renown in your field;
- on a work visa and want to extend stay, change jobs or change categories;
- a foreign student, exchange student or scholar looking for longer term career and immigration options in the US;
- a US citizen having trouble documenting your status for passport or other reasons;
- subject to a ground of admissibility and need a waiver or other remedial benefit;
- trying to process your own immigration or citizenship case and have reached an impasse,
then consider calling the Law Office of Bonnie Stern Wasser at Protected content explore your options, or to solve even the most complex issues.

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320 W. Galer St., Suite 201
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By appointment only.

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