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Advice on AUTHENTIC INTERNATIONAL eateries (Seoul)


I am trying to write a book on the authentic international eateries in Seoul. If you are a foreigner living in Seoul, please advise on where I can find the most authentic cuisine from your hometown (please only advise where you can provide/refer to perspective of a true local!).

In other words, if you had to pick one restaurant in Seoul to represent your home country's cuisine, what would it be? And what dish do you recommend? (It can also be a bar/pub if you don't have recommendations for a restaurant).

Please feel free to object to a recommendation as well. Lastly, we are mostly looking for reasonably priced restaurants where locals go often, rather than the top notch expensive restaurants. But if there are expensive places, that you would really really like to recommend, please feel free to comment on that too.

Thank you all in advance!

Here are some that I found: (Some that were difficult to narrow down/or find were Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Argentina, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, etc...)

Morroco: Marrakech Night
Nigeria: Happy Home
Greece: Santorini
Switzerland: Alt Swiss Chalet
Austria: Chef Meili
Bulgaria: Zelen
UK: Three Alley Pub
Russia: Gostiny Dvor
Mexico: Casa Maya
Brazil: Mercado
Paraguay: El Comedor
Thailand: Buddha's Belly
Uzbekistan: Samarkand
India: Chakraa
China: 북경성 北京城
Canada: Rocky Mountain Tavern
France: Le Saint Ex

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