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Any South Korea Info (Seoul)


I'm Chris, I'm 24 and currently living in the UK working for the RAF. I'm going out with a South Korean (we started talking as pen pals when we were 10). She's currently in South Korea in Uni. When she finishes Uni the plan is for her to come and live with me in the UK untill i've completed my 9 years contract. Once that happens we're planning on moving to South Korea.

This is why I've joined the community. I've got 7 years to get myself as ready as possible, the language, the culture, how to get a job.

I have very little idea of how I can get a decent job in South Korea other than being an English teacher. I would like to be a teacher but in History, I can't see there being much call for an English History teacher in South Korea.

My plan so far is to use the remaining 7 years in the military to learn the language, get a degree in something that would be useful in Korea. Ideally a History Teacher in Korea would be my choice but as I mentioned above I don't see that as being practical.

Any help with anything Korean is greatly appreciated.

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