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Finding a job ( non-teaching job ) in Seoul

Hello to everyone .
My name is Beatrice Elena , I'm 23 years old , I'm from Romania , currently living in Egypt .

I am interested in relocating in South Korea , so of course I started doing some research on my own ( food type , culture , jobs , house , etc ) . So I came up with the conclusion that in order to have a job in Seoul it's better to be there rather then searching on the web . However the majority of the jobs that I found were for Native English Speakers ( and I am not one of them ) .
So I was wondering if you could advise me in regards to that matter . Unfortunately I didn't finish my university , which leaves me with High School diploma ( and I'm guessing that this is going to make it even harder for me ) . I do speak fluently English , Romanian ( as I'm native ) and Spanish as well .

As you've been living in South Korea for some time now , could you please help me with this ? I really want to do this , like never before . I read a lot about the ways to get a job and the ideal one seemed to be " You gotta be here in order to have a chance whatsoever " .
I'm planning to visit Seoul , soon , I hope .
But before I do that I don't want to get myself down and I really wish that there would be someone who could help me out with this issue .

I hope you , whoever reads my post , are willing to give me a hand here .

Thank you and hope to hear soon from anyone .

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