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Games/Software Developer/Interaction Job Hunter (Seoul)

Hello everybody, I am looking for a job related with games or software development. Actually I am working for an Institute inside the Sungkyunkwan University but unfortunately the salary is low and living in Seoul isn't cheap.

One of my problems now is that I still have one semester ahead taking courses in my Master Degree Program(Interaction Science) and probably I will need some flexibility in the case I find something for immediate recruitment. Anyway I will be free by the end of this year as my last semester is just for thesis preparation and I know that looking for a job can a be a long process.

The second issue is my visa status. I am D-2 and I clearly know that for being hired I will need to change it, but I guess the recruiter/company helps you to solve this situation.

I am open to hear any suggestion, recommendation or proposal.

Thank you

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