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Job offer! Structural Engineer (Seoul)

Company/Employer name: CEG KOREA
Location: Gyeonggi-do, Anyang
Job title: Drafter/ Structural Engineer
Language needed: Japanese, English and/or Korean
Job Qualification:
1.Should have a structural engineering degree from a Japanese university and have at least a few years of experience working for the Japanese concrete construction projects.
2.Revit and AutoCAD experiences will be ideal.

Main Responsibilities:
The primary responsibilities of this position are to liaise between the Japanese customers and modeler/drafters at CEG’s overseas offices including but not limited to
Protected content customers’ requirements as to how to draft and model the precast concrete structures,
Protected content the instructions to CEG’s overseas offices for modeling and drafting,
Protected content the models and drawings made by CEG’s overseas offices,
Protected content quality services to the customers and maintain it.

Job Description Summary:
Providing the detailing services for Japanese precast concrete projects
(1) receiving project information from the customers
(2) giving the instructions to CEG’s overseas offices as to how to model and draft
(3) checking the models and drawings made by CEG’s overseas offices
(4) feeding back to CEG’s overseas offices, and
(5) providing the customers with the models and drawings for their projects

Days of the week & hours: M - F, 08: Protected content
Regular Employment: regular employment, provides NHI & NPS coverage.
How to apply: Send a resume at the email: Protected content

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