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Language Exchange: German - English/Korean (Seoul)

I am looking for someone who can help me learn German. In return, I can offer English and Korean (almost fluent). I am from New Zealand and yes I do have little kiwi accent.. But not so strong at all :-) and it's a cool accent anyway (it may be arguable to some people).

I just enrolled in German class and it's my first time, so I have so much to learn. My main interest would be pronunciation, and I also have a few books in German so we can also read it together?!

Also I started to study French as well, but it's only by myself. So I'm also interested in French tandem partner :-)

And for my part of offer: I usually have dreams in English, so I guess that's my language. But my mother tongue is Korean and I am almost fluent in it as well. Though apparently I use funny expressions sometimes, but it shouldn't be a big problem!

If interested, please let me know!

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