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Looking for a career within Energy Consulting (Seoul)

Dear professionals in Seoul

I am writing my master thesis at KAIST in Daejeon, and when I graduate in August as a MSc. Eng. in the field of sustainable energy, I would like to work in Seoul. I wish to participate in the global transition to a green economy and would ideally like to work within energy consulting.

During the previous semester in Denmark I worked for a large European engineering consultancy company, Grontmij, in the energy department, conducting a techno- economic feasibility study under the supervision of a senior consultant.

With a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, my studies during the master degree have been centered around thermal energy, energy system design and optimisation (both aggregate and plant level) and feasibility studies.

I went to a job fair a week ago in Seoul and had a few interesting conversations, but unfortunately most of the job openings required fluency in Korean, which I don't master yet.

If you know anyone or some specific companies or organisations who might be interested in my profile, I would highly appreciate any input.

All the best!


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