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Looking for a full-time/part-time job from Seoul

I am 21 years old woman from Finland and I am looking for a full time/part-time job from Seoul, South Korea.
I graduated from High School spring Protected content . I've a lot of work experience from different areas (art, hotels, restaurants, acting, children). I'm studying acting while working in a restaurant at the moment.
I am extremely interested to work in Seoul in South Korea. I believe that my academic background and my personal experience will allow me to work in the country I love.
One great reason that I would be an asset to any company is that I have great experience. Most recently I'm working on three different restaurants. My customer service skills have gave me the opportunity to really enrich others day and get involved in the process to help people. I have been given many responsibilities.
In addition to that, I think I would be an incredible asset because I have leadership experience. I have been involved in leadership positions at my current work. This has given me experience in leadership, and flexibility as I am responsible for a groups of people, while at the same time learning how to deal with situations as they arise and adapt.
I'm a really hard working and energetic employee and my passion never dies. I'm studying korean because I want to start my life, my future in Seoul.
My language skills are good. I speak english and finnish fluently. I also speak french and I've studied korean for about six months now. I'm eager to learn more korean.

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