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Looking for advice (Seoul)

Hi everybody,

I am Michelle from the Netherlands, I recently graduated (Bachelor of Business Administration) and I am thinking about going to graduate school in Korea. In short, I got accepted to Yonsei Uni (Master of Global Affairs & Policy) but I am not sure about my future career when graduating from a Korean Uni. That is why I am also considering going to graduate school in the UK. I know an English degree will give me more opportunities internationally, and a Korean one will significantly limit my other possibilities. However in the future I would like to pursue a career in international Relations in Korea (the best would be working as an expat in international companies, Dutch companies/government). I have been in Korea several times before as an exchange students and as an intern, so I am also aware of the fact that it is hard for foreigners to find a decent non-teaching job and because I will have to start at entry level it might be even more difficult for me.
Could you guys give me some advice about whether studying in pursuing a degree in Korea will be more preferable or not and how I can increase my chances of getting a job in Korea?

Thanks a lot!!

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Lam

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