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Looking for person willing to answer stupid quest (Seoul)


Hi there,

I´m totally new in this forum. My husband is offered a job in Seoul and since days we´re dicusing.

Is here a person who is willing to answer stupid little questions about what daily life is like in Seoul?
Using bikes? Having cars? where to live? Better close to kids school or better in a region where perhaps other (german?) expats live?

Thank you for any of you helping me, but I would be very happy if a german woman with kids would answer.

Hallo, ich habe so viele kleine Fragen, die ich gerne einer Frau mit Schulkindern stellen würde, die in Seoul lebt. Die Entscheidung, ob wir nach Seoul gehen hängt zwar nicht von diesen Fragen ab. Ich wäre aber im Vorfeld beruhigter.


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