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Monitoring Nuclear Radiation & Emergency Response (Seoul)

If you are registered with your embassy, you will likely be receiving information directly. If you are not, you may want to consider doing so - not just for this situation, but for any future possible emergencies that may occur. If you are not finding information on your embassy's website, you can visit those listed below.

The U.S. Embassy Seoul is carefully monitoring events in Japan and is in close communication with Embassy Tokyo and the Department of State. We will update our website and notify those individuals enrolled through STEP as well as subscribers to our e-mail monthly newsletter to any changes in the situation in Japan likely to affect South Korea. The Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety has information on radiation levels in Korea on their website and we encourage Americans in Korea to monitor the Korean government’s advice on this issue.

At this time, the danger of radiation exposure is limited to areas in Japan closest to the reactor site. For the latest information, please refer to: Protected content . You can also visit Embassy Tokyo’s Facebook page ( Protected content ) or follow them on Twitter for the latest updates ( Protected content ) The U.S. Ambassador to Japan directly addressed the tsunami caused nuclear emergency in his message to American citizens found at this link: Protected content .

As for U.S. citizens living or traveling in South Korea are encouraged to enroll with the Embassy through the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) website at: Protected content . Enrolling with STEP is a voluntary way of telling us that you, as a U.S. citizen, are in Korea. In the event of an emergency we use enrollment information to communicate with American citizens. You may also subscribe to our e-mail message service at Protected content to receive our most up-to-date travel and security information.

Other embassies offer similar service, please refer to their webpages.

Additionally, we encourage you to read the information on preparing for a crisis at Protected content and bookmark Protected content , as this website page will be used to post information that is current and specific to a crisis, if one develops.

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