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NA NOOM - 12 in 1! As good as it gets~!! (Seoul)

★What is “Na-Noom”?
“NA-NOOM” menas “sharing” in Korean. It is a cultual program that shares their own talents such as cooking or art craft for free.

★Why do we do this?
We aim to add sweet flavor called as happiness to foreign friends that makes their life in Korea more rich and delightful. It is a pure community service.

★What do YOU do?
You could choose whatever classes you want to take and learn out of 12, as small as one class or as many as 12 classes. Through Na-Noom, you will also be talented and given a chance to do volunteer to share your talent with another neighbors and friends. What a great life yours will be~!! Of course, your work of art will remain for good.

★What can you expect?
Simply happy life in Na Noom (sharing) by: Learn talents, Make friends, Experience Korean Culture.

★How much?
No doubt! No Kidding!
Every class is for free. (except ingredients or materials you will use up!)
The fee will be announced each time.

In Na-Noom Protected content

- Nail Art
- Make-up
- Book Art
- Napkin Art
- Beads Art
- Paper Art & Origami
- Caligraphy
- Cooking (mostly Korean Dish)
- Kintting (hat, muffler, sweater, accessory etc.)
- Musical Instruments (ukulele, harmonica, guitar etc.)
- My Own Natural Cosmetics (or Soaps)
- Vocal Training

OR, any talent you own will welcome as well~!!

★How to Join
Are you interested? Why not?! :)

Please, contact below
JS Protected content
Su-Mi Protected content Hannah4pep (Kakao ID)

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