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Poor market place with limited choices (Seoul)


Dear all,

I relocated this year to Korea. Before I lived,worked and studied in Japan, Taiwan and China.

I was hoping Korea would be similar to these countries, but it is not at all. For example prices for electronic devices are unrealistic high and all choices are limited to Korean brands only.

I recently tried to buy a TV and it took me days to find any brand besides Samsung and LG (their prices were around 5mio Won, but back in Germany maximum 2 mio for the same TVs). Same for smart phones, all choices are limited on Samsung, LG and a little bit iPhone.

For notebooks, you cannot find any brands besides Samsung, LG and super expansive Apple.

My office is very close to Myongdong and Yongsan, but even here all choices are limited and prices are very high.

Something I can learn from the members? My conclusion for the moment is "fly away".

Thanks and cheers!


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