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Searching for a Job from August 2013 (Seoul)


Dear fellows Expats,

my name is Daniel from Hamburg/Germany and I want to visit Southkorea with a H1-visa (Working Holiday) from August Protected content July Protected content . This visa allows me to take jobs in Southkorea in order to finance my journey. I'm in the mid-twenties and quite open minded.

Right now, I have been taking Korean language lessons since February in order to be able to understand and speak the language when I'm there. I also think it would be really helpful for me to live and work in a normal environment in Korea, if I want to improve my language skills.

I speak German and English fluently and am now working hard on my Korean. I have work experience as an Event-Management-Assistant (organising private & corporate events), but I'm open to nearly any kind of work. I know that I will mostly have a chance as an auxiliary-worker, but I don't mind. I can imagine working in a hotel as well as a restaurant or something totally different.

If you have a job to offer or know someone, who need someone like me, I'd be really pleased to hear from you!!

Best regards,


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