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What happened in Seoul, May 17, 1980?

Folk House's Meeting:

"What happened on May 17, Protected content

Time & Date : 7:30 PM, May 17, Thursday

Venue : Gallery Through, Itaewon

If you want to have any deeper understanding about South Korea, you'll need the answer to how May 17, Protected content influenced its later days. It would even answer you on which side this country's politics is.

After Protected content , all Mays in Korea was more the month of struggle than that of festival queens. As we went to the college, the lilac scent began accompanying tear gases.

You don't need to search any related material before you come. If you have any desire to understand current this country, that's good enough.

Fee : You only pay for your own coffee or any other drink. (mostly Protected content won)

Folk House is a communication community which has bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays, since September 15, Protected content . We'd like to make your life in Seoul less bitter and a bit closer to your own sweet home.

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