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Babysitter in Sevilla (Seville)

Hello, we are looking for an English speaking babysitter and preferably arrange it not through an agency, since we never did that. Now I did hang some flyers around on university campus. So far we didn't have any reaction. Nada! I don't know if students in Seville don't do babysitting or what. Maybe babysitting is not so common here, as a lot of people seem to take their kids on their night out. It's great to have the freedom to take your kids to a restaurant or bar until midnight, but yes we sometimes just want the two of us out on our own.

Does anyone have any tips where to find a good babysitter? Or knows good reliable babysitter? We live in Macarena. What is the going hourly rate in Sevilla for babysitting? Thanks for your comments.

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