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Cigar Enthusiast, or Interested in learning more? (Seville)


Hey there,
Had a great time at the monthly meeting last night at O'Neills, and got to meet a handful of interesting people. I have lived here for a couple years now, and a find that I miss something I had in the US - the chance to enjoy premium cigars and share the experience with others. So far I've found that there is little cigar culture here, and what there is, seems solely in Spanish.

I've been involved in the cigar industry both personally and professionally for several years, and I'm curious whether there's any interest here in forming a get-together to socialize with other cigar enthusiasts.

This would be for anyone interested, from lifetime aficionados to anyone who just thinks it sounds fun and wants to learn more. Don't be shy if you don't know much, as I'm happy to help walk you through learning more about this incredibly rich hobby.

Let me know!

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