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moving and working in sevilla (Seville)


Hi everyone!

My name is Kate and my husband and two young children and I are very seriously considering moving to Sevilla this December. We are currently in Almeria. We need some kind of work contract though--either one of us could work, or we could share a job, if that exists in Spain? We need one or the other of us to be home with the kiddos, so we need to take turns with work. We can really do many things, although back in the States I am a licensed and well-educated English teacher, and my husband was most recently Director for a huge agency which provided services to people with developmental disabilities. (So the Social Work field. But his Spanish is still quite limited...Of course, as he is a native English speaker, and is great with people, he could teach English as well...)
If any of you can recommend a good place to look for jobs as Americans in Seville, we would greatly appreciate it!

Also, I have read that it is illegal to homeschool in Spain, yet there is a website out of Barcelona, which addresses the whole country of Spain, that says otherwise. At any rate, as we are not Spanish citizens yet I am not sure if the rule would apply to us? Does anyone know anyone who is homeschooling or "unschooling" out there? In any language--Spanish or English? We would love to connect and create or join the community.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kate Taylor

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