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Advice on study medicine/rehabilitation in China (Shanghai)

Hello everyone,

I'm new in this forum, 大家好 !! ^^

I'm a chinese student currently in Taipei.

I want to do my bachelor here ( in taipei) in PT ( physical therapy).

But it is from when I was 6 years old that I like medicine and I think I have some qualities to start this path.
Then now I want to take a Medical degree in China. My major and speciality will be dermatology, cosmetic field. Too early for make a decision. Now I am affascinated by the medicine and the large possibilities that offer dermatology.

I really like China for numerous reasons and I start to comprend that here in the ''far east'' PT is not yet a recognized profession... I suppose this will be far worst in China. I have to change my aspirations.

The universities I preferred are located in the Yangtze delta region.

I think this new road could boost not only my skills and my languages( Italian, chinese, english, little french), but also my work experience ( chinese and english speaking countries) and Especially my personal experiences.

I wanna live in China.

Anyone has some advice, tips, something to know about medical education or medical expectations after graduation?


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