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Air pollution, asthma, jobs and more (Shanghai)


I have 2 job possibilities at international schools in Shanghai and I am looking into whether or not to apply and bring my 2 young children over to Shanghai.

I have done a lot of research into the air pollution and asthma as my son suffers from asthma and I would like to know how the pollution is now. Protected content a very awful year pollution wise and I wonder if it ha improved somewhat. How does the pollution affect your everyday life? The asthma situation is the most crucial and important to me. My son has dust mite allergies which cause his asthma to flare up but I do not know how air pollution might affect him.

I am also wondering what expat accommodation is normal in Shanghai. I will be provided with an accommodation allowance but I would like to know how much would a 3 bedroomed apartment be in an expat friendly neighbourhood. Are there compounds?

Finally, what would a suitable salary be to live on as a single mum with 2 children. Their school fees would be paid so I would possibly need to top up my accommodation allowance and allow for saving (essential) and costs of living and travel.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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