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Avoid & Intelligence Systems (Shanghai)

Members for safety reasons, don't accept connection requests from people who are so important to post their own photos on their profiles. I wonder whether any of you has got contact requests from people whose profiles don't bear their own photos and once you accept them, they jam your inbox with inappropriate and in fact suspicious mails. For example, why would someone mention their net worth (wealth) to a stranger simply because they accepted the contact request on IN a day before???? The 1st time I got such a mail, I thought it landed in my inbox by error but actually was meant for Steven Weathers (Minds of Millionaires Presenter on ICS). I wrote back to ascertain but was really meant for a 'small me' !!!!! Really strange!!!!

Recently, when I posted something relating to this topic on IN, Am sure some of you realized that a member created a fake profile (WITHOUT PHOTO) to attack me but later came back with his own profile and REAL PHOTO to pretend to be nice. My system is not so intelligent but at least I installed soft wear that tracks IP addresses of my communications, it wasn't hard for me to figure out.

IN Quality Assurance you can help acquire intelligence systems; already many social networking forums have it to guard against malicious members who may duplicate profiles with fake photos or no photos at all. Forums like IN, LinkedIn and others are really not basic brands where people come up with usernames such as Mickey Mouse, Coco Nut, etc, use fake photos or no photos at all. I hope you can look into this as you continue distinguishing your brand image from other alternatives.

This is way too lengthy but i also think, members shouldn't try too hard to talk to people who don't want talk to them to the extent to creating fake profiles.

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