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Before you get excited about the Chinese Market (Shanghai)

I am posting this for whoever is interested because i was recently jammed with a contact request by someone on all my media channels. The person was looking for connection to buyers in China for various products including cotton towels, garments, gold, among others. While I tried to give him a break down of what it is like to trade with China especially if you are importing, he got pissed and disconnected which was a good riddance on my side; am so busy with myself at the moment to involve anybody. But let's look at some figures:

1st half Exports Imports Balance (surplus)
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Ok, that's old data. Let's go Protected content
Imports Protected content
Exports Protected content

Protected content 196.33 (hundreds of millions)

Sources: Protected content
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What does this say? Chinese sell more than they buy.
Why? They are the world's factory (Almost everything is made here)
So, how do they manage to import? They are looking for a few they don't have.
What are these few? Some natural resources (which some of them, they have already managed to get hold of by leasing or buying land in Africa), organic products (That's why New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark, etc can bring their ham, sausages and milk, etc and earn super), and high technology we are looking at the big guys like USA, Canada, German, UK and some other EU members).
NOTE: China has little if any to buy from LDCs (Least Developed Countries), I wont go through their trading terms but even they buy from others, it's not just a matter of buying, there 'other' factors to consider.
QUESTION? How much does your country buy from China so that they can feel bothered to buy from you? If not that much, they will buy what you have from another country which buys a lot from them in that they can't afford losing that market.
BUT: Even if you have a few that the Chinese are buying, try to find out who is buying? Definitely, it's not the upcountry girl /boy from the rice firm neither the one who hangs around in bars and night clubs. It's not even my neighbor.
THEN WHO? The easiest and commonest lead is that from teachers in super expensive international schools. Chinese parents who buy or at least have leads to such buyers, keep a good relationship with their children's teachers because they want the teacher to offer the best to their child. 2nd parents with children in such schools if they and their children are outgoing, they make friendship with them and they will definitely know. Other leads are more complicated!

Summary: You don't need to highly expect that everybody who lives/works in China will lead you to the buyers you need in China.

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