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Case sharing: be careful for the cheat from Cambod (Shanghai)

It’s a real case happened to me these days. I share this case just want to remind some single women on this website especially the Chinese women. If there is someone contact with you from this website and he said he is from UK or other country and want to make friends with single women from China. Be careful!

I created a charity group on Internations. Last month, December, someone added me and said he was from UK and want to relocated into Shanghai on May Protected content . He was a contractor for some oil company project and he was working in Qatar at that moment. He would move to Cambodia for another project at the beginning of Jan. He looks very nice and he sent to you some photos with his son.

Yes, you became friends and start to talk everything. Then one day he told me he already move to Cambodia for new project. You even start to discuss your face to face meeting and how to spend the first valentine day.

Then, before you really see him, one day, he sent to you a very URGENT email and he said he lost his bag with his passport and cash and all cards. He only has one friend in UK but that friend happens not in UK. So he has to ask you to LOAN some money to him because he needs money urgent to continue his business.

OK, that’s all the story. But not the ending :)

Let’s see some weak points from his side.
- He said his name is just his company name registered in UK. I checked from internet and did not find any information about him or his company when last month – the name is not a real name, even the photos.
- I have a personal website with some special function on it. I sent some links to him last month, some photos online about me. But I found there is no any traffic from Qatar last month and this month. Only have several visits from Cambodia from last month. It means he has not been to Qatar and he based on Cambodia for a long time.
- After he moved to Cambodia (he said) I asked him to give me a photo where he was working but he did not give me anything.
- He did not give me any call even did not ask me for my phone number – if someone really fall in love with you for more than one month, he would not forget to call you
- He is 44 years old. Do you believe he only have one friend in this world and happens not available? His only network is you!

Let me share the ending with you :) I am single but I am not stupid I think :D I pretend I still trust him and want to help him.

- I asked him to provide me his detailed contact information and phone number because I said I may find someone to send money to him directly in Cambodia. He only give me a bank account with a strange name. He said it’s his lawyer.
- I told him I have a friend in Chinese national security office and have some relationship with Cambodia government may help him. I need his passport number and detailed location to check with local police office before my friend contact with him– then he told me he alreado resolved the problem :P

So, don't trust anyone if he ask you for some money.

That’s the ending :D Wish everyone have a nice new year and be safe my ladies.

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