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College Counselor needed @shanghai (Shanghai)

This is Shirley from “Around America”. We are looking for two recent college graduates that are interested in working in a diverse educational environment in the dynamic city of Shanghai.

Around America ( Protected content ) is an education institute based in Shanghai,China. Our main focus is about English college prep and tutoring. We are also launching a new campus for our international academy in Gubei, Shanghai. We offer classes in SAT, SSAT, TOEFL, AP, IB and college counseling.
Strategic Responsibilities
• Understands and researches the experience of attending a US university
• Gathers knowledge about the variety of university programs available
• Universities and Liberal Arts colleges
• How students can choose the best program for them
Discusses the college application process with other college counselors on a regular basis

• Researching changes within:
• The way admissions officers consider applications from Chinese students
• The college admissions process
• SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests

Responsibilities to Students
• In office at least 5 days a week (from 9:30AM - 6PM), including at least 1 day during weekend.
• Consults with students (1-on-1) on a regular basis
• Engages students about their interests, activities, desires, and plans
• Assists students in exploring the most successful paths to take advantage of their strengths and interests
• Creates opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom (extra-curricular activities, internships, networking with local organizations, summer and winter programs)
Guides students writing relating to the college application process (personal statements and additional material)

• Gathers and compiles student data on:
• Test scores (TOEFLs, SATs, ACTs, APs, IBs, A-levels)
• Individual goals
• Any information relevant to the college application process or teachers and academic staff

Fit With the School
• Native-level English skills
• Speaks solely English at all times with students
• Speaks English at all times in the office environment
Can supplement other college counsellors
Frequent discussion with academic coordinators and administrators
• Communicating needs as difficulties arise
• Taking the initiative in assisting peers when necessary
• Aids Administrative Coordinator in completing tasks as they arise

The ideal candidate will meet all or most of the following criteria:
● Recent graduate from top colleges or universities (no strict on major)
● Passion for teaching and learning
● Capacity for innovative ideas
● The ability to work under pressure
Cultural sensitivity and adaptability

Chinese Working Visa Provided.
Base salary: RMB 12,000 /month.
Housing benefits: RMB 3,000/ month.
Bonus: Protected content base salary depends on annual evaluation.
Office at downtown Shanghai area, 4 subway lines within 10 mins walk.

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