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COLORTASTE exhibition (Shanghai)

A photographic journey through the art of cooking. COLORTASTE exhibition is an passionate and original project realized by the Italian photographer Alfonso Catalano, opening at Shanghai Italian Center on 3rd. June to 3rd.July Protected content .
After the success of the Italian edition COLORTASTE comes to Shanghai to give the Chinese public a special tour in some of Italy's best Michelin star chefs' kitchens by reinventing their culinary creations as abstract masterpieces.
COLORTASTE is a special project where, thanks to the photographer's idea, the chefs become artists, using their own food to paint. Alfonso Catalano asked each of the chefs to get inspiration from the Abstract Artistic Movement and to make a special version of their recipes on a background-illuminated translucent table. Once the chefs made their dishes, Catalano took the pictures. COLORTASTE is the collection of these pictures. The result is endearing and colorful.

COLORTASTE by Alfonso Catalano
Exhibition curated by Marco Ferri
From 3rd JUNE Protected content 3rd JULY Protected content Shanghai Italian Center
Opening 3rd June Protected content , 11 a.m.

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