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Considering a move to Shanghai

Hi Everybody,

I am currently considering a move to Shanghai. I will be visiting the week of March 3rd. The purpose of my visit is 2-fold. One is to see if it's a place I want to work ( got that part covered as I will spending a day or 2 visiting my potential employer). The other thing that I would like to accomplish is to see if Shanghai is a place where I could live. I came across this forum and thought that this could be a good place to seek advice and guidance.

One thing that I would like to accomplish is to check out some possible neighborhoods to,live. I like the city life and having access to culture, restaurants and night life. I will be coming alone so safety is a consideration. My price point is in the $ Protected content . Also, I thought that it might be good to take a look at a few places while I am there. I'd really appreciate A recommendation about how to best go about doing this. Do I contact a real estate agent?

Also I am hoping to attend one of your events during my visit.

Thanks in advance for any help that any of you?

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