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discussion (Shanghai)


here's a post by Paolo which i think is better to start a new thread for.

to answer your last question first, Paolo, everything on the internet is monitored
by the Chinese govt, and i'd say particularly the ones that expats and foreigners use the most.
so regardless of what we say we'll be watched by the Chinese Big Brother ;

i fully agree with your insterests here, and propose that we go ahead and look at the different issues at stakes in China this year (while being careful in our wording not to sound too dissident-like and provoking somekind of motion that would ban this website!!)

it's olympics year in China, and as you know there's been a lot going on this year.
there's the visa issue which makes loads of foreigners working in china for years having to go home during the game period, there're all those restrictions during this month and next
from very tight airport security (warning starting july 20th so this sunday!) all over the country in major airports,
there's even factories closing down in the entrie northern part of china (i think north of yangtze river) to "limit pollution during olympic months" ,
so as a result the textile dyeing factories that work with my company's suppliers have to
close down, therefore there's a bottleneck situation in textile-intensive regions in guangdong, fujian and zhejiang/jiangsu where entire china is sub-contracting production there. .. as a result, our industry is very heavily influenced, we are forced to deliver late our goods.

to top it all, many visitors to the games won't be granted visa to come to china,
a friend of mine in mexico asked me for help because a good friend of hers wil be attending the games on the mexican badminton team, and her own parents were worried that they couldn't come to see their own daugthers compete in beijing...

so here's should be some elements for discussion paolo! :)

all the best to y'all,


Posted by paolo wang

I am new here. Would like to find people to exchange ideas about politics, history... staying in China talking about politics with Chinese nationals is difficult, they are "brainwashed "by Chinese newspaper and websites. Maybe i can get some interesting ideas and infromation from expatriots , things like news from Paris about what parisiens say about Sarkozy's pledge of visiting olympic...

maybe your web site can have different salons with names of "life in shanghai", "business in China", "politics and history".... different people can choose different rooms to have discussions on what they are interested

to tell the truth I am not interested in topics like restaurant, clubs, shops in shanghai, some of us let's look at what is happening in the political and economical issues in China now. i think most of people here are educated people, they are interetsed in the destiny of China, instead of only finding the best pub and best cocktail in shanghai.

but i am also worried, is this web site monitored by chinese government? will you and we get in trouble if we discuss what is happening now in China??

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