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End of year Analysis: BEST & WORST (Shanghai)

1. China government.
Reason: Imposing a travel ban to all Ugandan women below the age of 35 in order to fight human trafficking and prostitution.
2. China Police
Reason: Very responsive but you must be able to Communicate in Chinese language.
3. Spring airlines
Reason: Affordable Domestic Flights.
4. Shanghai Metro
Reason: We are so many residents in Shanghai but they are doing their best to get us to places on time.
1. Myself
Reason: Performed beyond my expectations in everything.

1. All International School in Shanghai whose tuition fees are more than US$4000/semester
Reason: People are losing jobs while others are getting a reduction in pay. What the difference between your schools and those that charge reasonable fees? I don't see any.
2. Multi - denomination churches in Shanghai.
Reason: More Commerce than Divinity
3. China Eastern Airlines
Reason: Poor customer service - delayed flights with no explanation provided until a "migrant worker" standard meal rice, cabbage and chicken overstayed in the museum sorry fridge) is provided to you. (No Offense, they are also VIP's) but I mean not befitting the company status.
4. Passengers on the metro who eat and play with gadgets during rush hour.
Reason: The flavor of their food is not to everybody's taste, it's very possible to smear food on other passengers and it slows down traffic on the escalator when you play with your electronic gadget especially during rush hour. At this point in this place, it is not about how urgent for you to check your sms, email, play angry birds,bejewelled,etc, watch a video clip, etc but about other people catching up with time! Infact, I would gladly stamp my boots on you if you tripped off the escalator and give you a ceremonial blunt sorry!

1. Foreign man drinking beer on the metro.
Reason: He was shouting on top of his voice chatting with his friend and that was a bad example to the people who host us.

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