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Expat work - how to get a foot in? (Shanghai)

As an Expat looking for work either for yourself or for your partner can be diffiuclt.

My partner is a musician and has been here for 6 months with no real opportunity for work and faced leaving the country once her visitor visa expires.

Thankfully we came across YCCshanghai. This is an organisation with many ties with FMCG brands, comapnies which offer paid internship and language courses.

By enrolling with YCC on their Protected content , she now has residence permit for the duration of the 3month studying Mandarin & Chinese culture and 3month paid internship.

She also has the opportunity to be granted full time work from the internship as YCC has strong partnership with large corporation who are looking for expat talent.

I wanted to share because this maybe an issue for other expats out there, and if you wanted to view some other options fo you or your partner who has moved with you then perhaps this could also benifit you.

Contact Protected content and she would be able to talk more about the other programs and costs.


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