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Few things for sale (Shanghai)


leaving Shanghai on Friday after being here for three months.
Meet up people's square metro station, exits 5/6/7/19 area near the Xizang rd/Nanjing rd pedestrian underpass. Before 8am or after 6pm Monday to Thursday this week.
Firm on prices for individual items or take the bulk prices deal.
I have some OTC items bought in Canada for sale:
Antabiotics 1 pacl- Protected content
High dose (5mg) Folic Acid Prenatal Vitamins 1 months supply - Protected content
Allergy Protected content Generic benryl, 1 box generic Arius (which works for skin allergic reactions and hives Protected content
Generic brand yeast infection treatment - Protected content
Save you stomach after you ate something dodgy package - Pharmacy store genetic brands - Imodium (diarrhea releif) Gravel (Anti-Nausea) Pepto-Bismol chew tablets (Stomach Relief). All unopened. Gastrolyte electrolyte drink mix 8 packets All these items together Protected content
Insulin Fibre 17 individual use packets Protected content

Take all the medicines for Protected content

Household items: Bought in Canada: Zero water pitcher, 1 new filter and water tester. Only filter proven to remove metal deposits, but most boil water first. Protected content
ACA 25L Oven w rotisserie function 2 months old used less than 10 times bought from Amazoncn comes with oven wire tray, full tray and thermo (i have the box Protected content
China bought DIY Air Purifier used for 6 weeks fan is good, you should get a new filter - Protected content
China bought electric moka coffee pot Protected content
China bought yoga mat only used twice inside comes comes with carrying bag 40 yuan

Take all the household items for Protected content

If you take everything the total is Protected content

Photos with prices and descriptions of all items available here: Protected content
PM me for arrangement.

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