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Finance PhD. seeking opportunity (Shanghai)

Hello everyone. I have recently joined InterNations with aims to expand my contacts and build a valuable network of professionals. I am starting my job search process here in China and I have noticed that the 关系 seems to be specially important in this particular Chinese market; unfortunately, most of my contacts are fellow students and I lack of this valuable job search tool. Thus, I would immensely appreciate any information, tips, comments, contacts, or anything that could lead me to perform a successful job search in China.

I am an MBA and a have just obtained my PhD. in Finance this month. With 3 years banking (Treasury) experience with a major global banking conglomerate and 1+ years experience in financial analysis within the financial services industry am looking for attractive job opportunities in China. In respect to language skills, I am fluent in English, Spanish, and have advanced and intermediate proficiency in Chinese and French, respectively.

I really look forward to discussing job opportunities; please feel free to contact me at Protected content for further talks. Like I mentioned, I would also appreciate to receive further guidance from any of you and specially to build a valuable network of professionals.

Warm regards,


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