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Future Public Transport plans for Changzhou city. (Shanghai)

The following letter was sent to me by the Changzhou Website (


Changzhou is going to have metros (both underground and elevated), and low-floor trams.

All the trams will be made by a Changzhou company. The company is permitted to manufacture low-trams by Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province in October Protected content , at that time Changzhou planned to introduce this new transport.

BUT the low-floor trams will be run in a certain areas*, like within a district. Not all around Changzhou. *Areas have not been identified as yet.
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The elevated metro will be called Changzhou Sky Train, and the underground, just known as the Subway metro. All 3 modes of new transport will be introduce within the next Protected content , or whichever is built first.
The elevated and underground trains will be started in Protected content an expected completion time of around Protected content . So, not long to wait.
The Trams will be operating in about 2 years.

This LINK is the report on the kind of Trams that will operate soon, but sorry.... the report is only in Chinese.
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记者连线:常州低地板机车是区域内地面公交 | 常州第一门户网 中国常州网 常州龙网 常州日报 常州晚报
中国常州网讯 近日,龙城论坛有网友发帖称常州4条轻轨明年和地铁同时开工(图)。“常州规划轻轨线将在明年年底和常州地铁1号线同时开工,将全部由南车戚机厂以BT模式进行总承包,南车集团将在常州建设中国最大的城市低地板轻轨基地。”帖子里所提到的“低地板车辆”是不是和常州规划建设的地铁项目有关?

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