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Gone are the days... (Shanghai)

Joseph Kony viral Protected content . Anybody sent or came across the Jseph Kony campaign video Protected content ignore.

1. To begin with, Uganda is not found in Central Africa but in East Africa.
2. There is no more war in Northern Uganda, In fact the government has given amnesty to all former war Lords in N. Uganda and is already undertaking rehabilitation programmes concerning the matter.
3. I understand the Financial Crisis has taken its toll esp in the West but we are not gonna sign 'Black money deals'. Never again. African people are sick and tired of the mockery from a few selfish people from the west that are robbing us of our resources or take advantage of our hospitality and later call us foolish and ignorant. See below:
Gadaffi who has a well organized professional army was overpowered in less than 6 months and then this so called Joseph Kony, not supported by anyone as said in the video, has been on rampage committing all that crime for 29years! Complete drama. That's just one example.
Several times in the New Vision (Uganda's National Daily) we read during military campaigns to capture Kony, that the well organised equipped Ugandan army almost captured the victim only that he slipped away and just left his shirt in the hands of the army. OMG! I feel dizzy.
People sleep once and catch AIDS in Africa how about a man who has slept with 10s of Protected content of women for 29years? If he is not already dead from AIDS, he is just about. Anyways, we are getting rid of him naturally suppose he is still there.
I feel sorry that innocent children are taken advantage of as if their plight by Kony is funny.

I won't be long but indeed shame to the man and his team who made this video.


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