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Has anybody been cheated by China Unicom 3G plan? (Shanghai)

Oh nooooo... I thought, I didn't need static internet at my home since I don't spend most of my days there yet where I spend them, already, there is fast wifi. So I went fora China Unicom 3G card, I could use it both on mobile wherever I am at the same time, I can plug it into my laptop. The 1st 3 months went well, I paid Rmb Protected content internet was fast. I could then throw that card away and buy another or recharge it for 3 months. Anyway, I chose to buy a new one which I used for 1 month before travelling to Kenya for 3 months. Unfortunately, when I came back in November, I was told, I had 2 options, recharge the card with Rmb Protected content buy a new card for the same...

I chose to recharge. To my suprise, I was disconnected before 3 months expired. I called customer service, more than 10 times each time getting a different answer, such as...we shall reconnect you after 2 hrs, we shall call you after 48 hrs, you need to buy a new card ( which inprotested), it's our fault, when you recharged, our system didn't update but we are working on reconnecting you, etc...all sorts of bull****

Finally, I went to a nearby China Unicom shop where I recharged the card from, the short manager spent almost 1hr in frustration challenging China Unicom to reconnect me, all was in vain, they insisted on havng me buy a new card.

Now, this is a sign of having people employed in companies where they have 'god fathers'. This way, a customer is not important as employees will not lose their jobs due to customer turn-over... Am so frustrated and angry, so I went for China Mobile 4G. I was told, when am travelling and will not need roaming, I can call Protected content they will suspend the service, when am back, call them again to reconnect which is fair enough.

I was called by China Unicom staff after 72 hrs (nobody can survive for that long without the internet), to explain what had already been explained, painfully I listened, the only new sentence was that he would speak to his supervisor and decide whetherto give me a new card or extend validity ( I wonder how longer I had to wait). But my genuine and polite answer was that, thanks but I have already flushed the card in the toilet, am on China Mobile 4G and am happy.

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