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High quality Chinese teachers in Shanghai

Using a variety of teaching materials in interactive group classes of no more than 8

students, we will teach you everything you need to speak and understand Mandarin. In

addition to a solid foundation in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, we emphasize

conversation and listening comprehension practice.
We focus on speaking and listening, with students using more than 60% of class time to

speak. After every 10 hours of lessons, we supply customized audio and written materials

to our students to help them practice and correct their pronunciation outside of class.
We offer accelerated learning of the most practical daily Chinese.
We are grounded in Chinese traditional culture and history, such as Confucius’s

golden rules.
We incorporate other useful tools into lessons, such as Chinese songs, movies, TV

programs, newspapers and magazines.
We focus on pronunciation and tones.
We introduce students to characters relatively early in their studies.
Our teachers embrace a friendly approach, willing to help students work through any

difficulty. Using a storytelling method, students can learn to use the language in a

relaxed and lively manner.

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