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homestay in changning,shanghai (Shanghai)

Free room in exchange for some simple work (fees apply)

Address: in Community Yuan'Lin'Yi'Pin, Opposite Shopping Mall LongZhiMeng5minutes walk from Zhongshan Park Metro Station

It is that a couple of Chinese-american operates their own business and hey have a luxury and spacious house. They would love to accommodate someone, better a girl, from a main western country, that the girl can have a separate room amply furnished, and even better, she can join the family for breakfast and supper.The family also may be able to provide some part-time jobs

.All they ask is that the girl can give a helping hand keeping an eye on their ten-year old boy when the couple go on business trip and keep him accompany when their a'yi go back home. and some conversation with the kid may be four or five hours per week.

We charge a fee to arrange for free homestays in Shanghai. The host does not charge you but we charge a very reasonable fee for our effort. You will get a better deal than renting a room by yourself. Many agents charge in advance, we DO NOT. You pay only when you move in. No fuss no fraud, sweet and simple.

SoIf you stay 1 month or less: Protected content a month
If you stay 2 months or less: Protected content a month
If you stay 3 months or more Protected content a month
If you are applicable or you have some friend to recommend with this program, kindly send me an email can add wechat:whojiantoo
Location: changning

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