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How to learn Chinese? (Shanghai)

How to learn Chinese is the most concerned issues that is majority of students who learn Chinese want to solve.
Chinese has a simple grammar pattern, making it easier to study the spoken language. However, it does have tones, which makes it harder.
But if you have a good ear you can learn to speak Chinese. An example of tones:
Si shi si shi si de shi zi means 44 dead lions. Adding the tones its:
si4 shi2 si4 shi4 si3 di shi2 zi5 You can see the si4 and si3 are different words only if you recognize the tones.
Americans actually have one thing that is similar. Uh-huh and Uh-uh (yes and no), must be voiced with the correct tones or it will confuse the listener, try it!
Written Chinese is very difficult to learn. There are over 10,000 characters used today. To read a High School level newspaper, one must memorize over Protected content .
The difficulty of learning to read and write Chinese makes it one of the hardest languages to teach.
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