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I am: Product Designer. I do UI/IUX, Film& Editing (Shanghai)

Hey all,

My name is Simeon Duke and I am from Seattle, US. I've been living in Shanghai for the past 4 years and.. back and forth from Korea. I'm here working with a major platform and now have been remote. I've been looking for other projects to do in this city especially, CHALLENGES. I do User Interface Design and choreograph User Experience. I also do videography and editing with a bit of some photography in there. ( I love to do a bit of everything.) I'm looking for any project or start-up to work with and create solutions. Get sh*t done. If anyone would like more information from my side, I'll be more than happy to. You can add my Wechat: simeonduke

or, just message me on here. =] Thank you guys for the read and I look forward!


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