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Job Opportunities for Psychologists in Shanghai



I am from Melbourne, Australia and am looking to move to Shanghai in the next year or so.

I am currently in my final year of the Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) program at Monash University. At the end of this year, I will be a qualified psychologist.

I am interested in working with children with learning, developmental and behavioural difficulties/disorders. On placement, I have been working in a primary school and will also be working at a clinic for children with autism as a provisional psychologist under supervision. I also have over two years of experience working as a helpline counsellor at Lifeline.

My partner has just recently relocated to Shanghai for work and he is currently staying in the french concession area.

Can anyone recommend or know of any international schools/organisations/clinics/centres that employ english-speaking educational/child/school psychologists?

I have noticed some places have stated that they do like you to have post-masters experience working as a psychologist. I'm wondering if I should stay in Melbourne for another year to get more experience as a psychologist before coming to Shanghai or should I be able to find a job in Shanghai straight away (as I would like to move over there as soon as I can).

I am just starting to have a look around and would greatly appreciate any advice/information :)

Thank you!!

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