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Job Position:- Chief Financial Controller (Shanghai)



Chief Financial Controller to Overseas Joint Ventures.

Job description:

To sit in and work in a local joint venture company,to set up and manage accounting, finance and tax reporting procedures of the company, as well as internal control systems. To prepare and provide periodical financial and accounts and analysis to the management, directors and shareholders of the company.To deal with external auditors.

Technical ability or licensing required:

Should major in finance or accounting, familiar with international accounting rules,with professional qualifications, and know some major ERP systems well, such as SAP, Oracle etc.

Accounting experiences in trading companies,and / or with China companies, and additional management experiences preferred.Must be a chinese native residing in France currently.

Reporting to:

CEO of the joint venture company, overseas CFO from the shareholder of the company.


The finance and accounting team of the joint venture company.

Job Location: France

For more detail info, contact: Protected content

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