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Job wanted in SAP (Project Manager/Consultant) (Shanghai)

Dear members,

having worked within Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG for over 12 years, in which 7 years of experience in SAP (as project manager logistics, functional consultant and developer). I have developed a wide range of skills.
I was responsible for the SAP rollout as project leader for logistics at several different foreign companies such as Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Russia. Together with two employees who worked for me in my team I improved the workflow in the logistics warehouse management. Additional programs, which I developed, improved logistic process steps like the packaging and sending of goods to the customer. After our SAP rollouts their new SAP systems were stable and the companies were able to work independent from us with the new environment. This was also the result of providing intensive trainings and good process documentations, which I created individually for each company. In total the companies saved time and also money during their daily business.
Because of my keen interest in Chinese culture and language, I have passed the Chinese language exam (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) successfully and I joined a '' cross-cultural china training '' in Germany. And also had good experiences during my visit in China (Beijing, Shanghai), so now I am Shanghai and actively looking for a job as a SAP Project Manager / Senior Consultant in China (especially in Shanghai).

I appreciate any help.

Best regards, Aidin Ghalichi

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