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Kitten & Dog Adoption (Shanghai)

Anyone wants to adopt a small kitten or a Chinese dog?

There is a stray dog in our community, it's a local Chinese dog, black, healthy (Had skin problem, but we cured him already, also sent to shower weekly), as our apartment is not big, and we scared it might be hunted and eat by some bad guy, so we keep it in the corridor, feed and walk the dog twice a day. Wondering if there is anyone who loves dog and willing to adopt it and take care of it and love it forever?

For the small kitten, it's been found by a colleague of my sister, we already find adoption for the other 2, but still have one in the office, if anyone want to adopt it, feel free to contact. We ourselves love cat very much but we already have 4 in the apartment....

Well, just give it a try, hope it works.

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