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Language Exchange Program and Voice Out Project (Shanghai)

Language Exchange Program and Voice Out Project

Hello guys.This is the greeting comes from Language Exchange Club basing in Shanghai China.The reason why we name it as language exchange because we are willing to provide a platform to share different thoughts and idea, language is the only tool or the cannel we use to share the joyful moments.We provide the pure languge environement for language lovers and here you will have chances to meet different people from all over the world with various culture background and you will feel more relaxed!If you wanna know abt us you can contact us via the email address Protected content directly or add via the wechat platform.Our official wechat account is LanguageExchangeClub.

Meanwhile we are doing a <voice out> project.We are collecting the opinionl eaders’ voice.The content can be your professonal feild, expertise, interestes, idea or comments to the social society.The matericals can be orignial or the great story you read before.No matter who you are,if you want to spread your voice,don’t hesitate to contact us!Currently the language is only limited to the English!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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